Hot Flash Havoc

Hot Flash Havoc: Video Scenes From
Amazing Documentary on Menopause

You can see an array of videos from Hot Flash Havoc including those featuring Vibrance team members Drs. James Simon and Alan Altman. Simply click here.

By 2015--just down the pike--an estimated 2.3 billion women worldwide will struggle with the physical and emotional side effects that perimenopause and menopause causes. The World Health Organization (WHO) designated Oct. 18, 2011, World Menopause Day in an effort to draw special attention to the large international public health challenge that menopause brings. The award-winning documentary Hot Flash Havoc echoes the sentiments of World Menopause Day year-round as a valuable, unbiased resource that helps women take control of their health and well-being, from menopause and beyond.

Frustrated by a three-year search for solutions to symptoms that turned out to be early menopause, Executive Producer Heidi Houston, decided to make what would later become Hot Flash Havoc.  “It is very disconcerting that women still do not feel comfortable sharing their experiences with regards to menopause, and doctors, who should be a primary resource ...or simply don’t know all of the options out there.”  Houston said.  “For instance, did you know that the average age for a woman to begin peri-menopause is 35?  Menopause is an age-old problem, not an old-age problem, and I hope that Hot Flash Havoc will help open the eyes of women and doctors around the world.”

We at Vibrance want to share the documetnary as we do with menopause information across many of our network sites. You can check out our special video page by clicking here.

Through poignant personal stories shared by real women as well as conversations with leading women’s health experts specializing in sexual health, heart disease, cancer, depression and memory loss, including doctors, nurses, researchers, thought leaders journalists and health organization leaders, Hot Flash Havoc helps to unravel misunderstandings concerning peri-menopause, menopause, hormones pros and cons and the controversial Women's Health Initiative (WHI) of 2002.

Vibrance supports the documentary's message and part of that support is creating a video page with snippets from the video.  These will include Dr. Alan Altman, President of the International Society for The Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH), former Harvard Medical School Professor, published author and special writer for Vibrance sites, Dr. James Simon, past president of the North american Menopause Society and director of our We urge you to see the Hot Flash Havoc, especially the part our Karen Giblin, founder of the RedHotAMamas (and ) plays in the documetnary and in real life.  She is a long-time woman's advocate helping them, make the most of the change.

“Because the United States and other Western cultures are so youth-oriented, for many there is a major stigma associated with menopause,” explains Dr. Wulf Utian, world renowned doctor, published author and Executive Director Emeritus and Honorary Founding President of NAMS.  “Menopause shouldn’t be viewed as a sign of aging but rather as a positive milestone. (An excerpt from his newest book, Change Your Menopause, appears on our  Equipped with accurate information and tools, women can make the 50 years after menopause at least as good as the first 50.  World Menopause Day and Hot Flash Havoc are essential to bringing home this message and taking a second look at the so-called ‘second half’ of life.” Hot Flash Havoc is a 2011 winner of the AASECT Award (American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists) for Best Audio Visual for Sexual Health.